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Car hesitating when driven through puddles

I drive a 2009 Chevy Cobalt. A really great car except for that when I drive through a puddle of water (no matter how deep) and have to stop immediately after, it hesitates and makes a squealing noise as soon as I hit the gas. My interior lights will also dim and the force my air/heat is blowing will lower. After about 5-10 seconds, however, the car will act normal. My check engine light does not come on nor any other lights indicating an issue. Thought it could possibly be a belt but not sure. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

It sounds like your serpenyine belt is getting wet and slipping. Time for a new belt. And perhaps a tensioner check.

Also, most cars today have splsha shields under the front end. Does yours? Did yours?

I had been told by others that it may be the serpentine belt. I am not sure if my car has a splash shield or not, that isn’t something I thought to check. I do thank you for a reply. Will definitely have to check into this some more.