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Car has been kicking

I have a 2013 Honda Civic, I recently had it serviced and ever since then, when it rains and I am stopped at a light for a while, when I hit the gas a light on the dashboard flashes and the car kicks. When I told the guy at the Honda service center he said it could be sand or something on the road and there’s something that works similar to ABS but reversed (IDK, it didn’t really make sense to me…)

I went in for service originally for a new battery and brakes, they told me my engine had a leak so they sealed it. After that my car kicked twice, so I brought it back a couple weeks later because I’d also get a smell when I put the heat on - turned out it was leaking in the same spot and they had to reseal it… and since then today is the first rain fall and it has kicked 3 more times after being stopped at a red light.

I guess I’m just wondering what your thoughts are on it, could it be something serious?


Not sure what kicking means but how good are your tires . The service person suspects that your Traction Control is activating.

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My tires I replaced about a year ago, as far as I’m aware they’re still in good shape. I had a leak in a tire a couple of months ago, usually he would tell me if they needed to be replaced soon and he didn’t say anything.

Then have they been rotated and have the correct pressure . Also does this ’ kicking ’ have anything to do with how hard your accelerate ?

What does that light look like?

I honestly don’t know what the light looks like because it flashes on and off so fast, I’ve tried to record it on my phone but of course every time I do that it doesn’t happen :roll_eyes:

The tires were all rotated when they plugged the tire.

I have traction control on my 2013 Equinox. If I accelerate too hard from a stop in the rain, tire spin and hop will occur. The TCS (Traction Control System) light will flicker during wheel slippage. Your Owner’s Manual should tell you if your Honda has traction control and the location of the light on your dash.

Ed B.