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Almost stranded on the rez

I had a front crankshaft leak repaired yesterday and they also replaced the serpentine belt. Today I had driven my car about 90 miles on the freeway when suddenly the dash warning lights came on and all the gages went to zero. The radio went off and so did the heater. The car sounded OK and as I had no place to pull over, I continued to drive, looking for an exit. The engine seemed to die and as started to pull over, I had power again. At some point, the gages came on and the lights went out. This happened several times until I found a place to pull over. I ended up getting the car towed back home to the same mechanic. He looked it over and could find nothing wrong. I had assumed that he has knocked something loose the day before. He tested the battery and it tested like a new one. Also said the alternator was OK. Help! Any ideas for me? I have to drive long distances to remote locations for work.

Thanks, Wendy

I’m sure they disassembled many things to do the crank seal job.
something’s still loose like the battery cable ends, alternator plugs, or such.
But you’d think the original mechanic would’ve retraced his every move to check that.

i had a similar problem years ago with a ford van, the gauges flipped out and the headlights went out until in my panic i stepped on the clutch to stop- suddenly they came back on, this repeated itself several times until i decided it was a ground problem from chassis to instrument cluster- problem solved with an extension cord from a convenience store in monticello, utah at 9pm one dark night.