Car fumes



I had a transmission replaced and now there are a lot of gas fumes inside the car, especially if the heater/ac is on. Do you know the cause, because I don’t think the mechanics where I work know


The tranny R&R man might have dislodged a fuel line or more likely, a fuel tank vent line that is routed to the “carbon canister” that is located under the hood somewhere. A leak like this usually causes the CEL to come on at some point, flagging an “evap system leak”…


Thanks! It was a tough week. When my trans went out I was at the toll plaza at the Oakland-SF Bay Bridge. The CalTrans truck dropped me at the parking lot and when I called Triple A and told the lady dispatcher I was at the east parking lot of the Bay Bridge Toll Plaza, she said, “What are the intersections?” Intersections? the highway and the ocean. Also I was going to work early so I could let a repairman in the phone room, but thanks to the horrible traffic jam I created, he was late too. I’ll pass this on to the mechanics. thanks again for your help


uh… just so I know, what does CEL stand for?


CEL=Check Engine Light.