1999 Mazda MazdaSpeed Miata MX-5 - CEL

check engin light comes on and off.

The car is telling you there’s a problem. When the light comes on it stores a code. Take it to just about any auto parts store and have the code scanned. Post the code here and someone knowledgeable will be able to help. Or just put it in the shop.


I wonder what’s the most common reason for the CEL to turn on? I’m guessing i is an evap system problem. (Evap system is for air-pollution-control, keeps the gasoline fumes inside the gas tank, and for those that escape the gas tank, burns them in the engine.) Poster above is correct, the only way to get a start on solving the problem is using a OBD II scan tool and reading the diagnostic codes. If you post the code(s) here, you’ll get some ideas what exactly is wrong.