Car fell off jack

My husband was recently jacking up our 2005 Audi Allroad (front passenger side tire was removed) and the car fell off the jack. He jacked it up again and it fell a second time. He thinks there was no damage done but I have to think some harm could have happened. The car hit with some force as there are scratches in the pavement from the brake drums. What is the worst case scenario in this situation? If there is damage, would it be central to the braking system or could there be more extensive (unseen) damage?

Some times jacking up a car is tricky. If the car is on a slope and the jack isn’t on firm ground. The fact that the car seems to be driving normally is a good sign. I’d recommend getting the car into a shop and up on a lift for an inspection.

If you haven’t had a wheel alignment in a while, this might be a good time for one. The drop(s) could easily have knocked it out of alignment and they can inspect for damage at the same time.

The damage needs to be inspected by a good mechanic immediately. Certainly the brake rotor would be the most likely part damaged and if the damage is severe enough the wheel could suddenly lock up while driving.

I will comment that any damage can be seen, what I am getting at is many people have this idea about some type of hidden problem that no one can discover until the problem wants to leap out and make itself known, rest assured any damage will be readily apparent. There is a lot of this “hidden damage” mindset attached to many items we use daily

I don’t mean this to be flippant in any way, but I suggest your husband no longer jack up his cars. If the car fell off the jack twice there is either something wrong with the jack or the method being used to raise the car.

Any damage to the car can be easily and readily repaired. Any damage to your husband resulting from the car falling in him is not as easily repaired.

I would also suggest that maybe the car should not have been jacked up. If there is anything to suggest a problem (I would suggest falling off the jack once would be a strong suggestion) then don’t try to jack it yourself. The car can be damaged, but more important, your husband can be damaged.

Even under good conditions, there is some danger in jacking up a car.

Odds are there is no damage but at this happening twice it sounds like your husband is raising the vehicle on the jack that comes with the car. If so, these jacks (like all others) are not reliable and for emergency use only. Even then it’s a coin flip in the best of circumstances.

He needs a heavy duty floor jack and a pair of heavy duty jack stands because if this continues your husband could easily lose a hand or foot or possiby his life, all depending.
Jack the car up, insert jack stands, and THEN remove the wheel while keeping both jack and stands in place.

Damage that is obvious to some may be overlooked by others. A rotor cracked at the hub for instance. Anyone who would let a vehicle fall off a jack twice might not be the person to check for damage.