Car Engine Heating Up

Our 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipc engine heated up. The Anti Freeze reservoir is full but the radiator was low which caused the car to heat up. Why is
the anti freeze not getting to the radiator? The hose seems clear. Any help?
We filled the radiator with anti freeze and the seems to be working fine. Why is it not sucking from the reservoir
Thanks for your help.
Big Al


Might have a bad radiator cap

Radiator cap is supposed to allow the system to draw from the reservoir. A bad cap or leak in the system or head gasket would cause this. Air in the system would cause your over heat.

@db4690 and @knfenimore are right of course. I will add that the system works on vaccum when the engine cools. Make sure the reservoir hoses are not cracked and that includes the one inside the reservoir tank.