Car "drags" at 60mph


I have a 2003 Honda Civic EX. Purchased used with 82,530 on it. Current mileage of about 114,100 on it now. I recently replaced the front and rear brakes. During that process, I was informed that the rear brakes were warped (they were cleaned & adjusted when I replaced the front brakes, but they continued to squeak like a transit bus). I had the rear shoes replaced and there is no more squeaking, but I get a “drag” that is particularly noticeable when riding at highway speeds (55mph or higher). The drag seems to come from the rear right of the car, and it reminds me of what you might feel if you were driving against the emergency brake.

Took the car back to the mechanic that did the rear brakes. He started down the road of it being bad ball bearings. He test drove it with me and experienced the drag, but when he put it on the lift said something was catching and made an adjustment that eliminated this ‘drag’. My impression was that the drag came from some oversight when the rear shoes were replaced.

The car rode fine for a few days after that, but now the dragging symptom is back. The mechanic’s assumption was that it could be a ball bearing that is on it’s way to going bad. I don’t hear any noises in relationship to this drag. It feels either like something is holding the car back, or like something is keeping the power from the engine from making it to the wheels.

Is this a wheel bearing/brake issue? Would needing new spark plugs have any impact on this?

check to see if one wheel is warmer than the others after driving, if so that narrows down the problem to brakes or a bearing, and which wheel. Bearing usually make noise, brakes not so much. most likely the caliper on one wheel is sticking and will get the wheel hot