Car door lock


I woke up this morning to find someone had broken off a key in my driver side door. It appears undamaged, as if after it broke, the person decided not to try and steal my car!! Anyway, any ideas on how to get that key out, without paying an arm and a leg??


If you can’t get it out with tweezers or a small magnet, you’ll need a locksmith.


Just thought of something else, it you can see the broken end of the key, put a little glue on it and let it harden. You may be able th get hold of the glue and pull it out. Gum might work too.


Best bet is a locksmith, who likely will take care of it cheap and easy.

If you want to try it yourself, look for a thin, small flexible hacksaw blade Insert it so the teeth will pull the key out and pull it out.

Dad was a lock smith and I did learn a trick or two.