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Car donation

I want to donate my car to charity. However, I emailed my dad about it and he sent me this: " I called one to donate the Buick long ago and the first time they did NOT bother to answer the phone. The SECOND time they did answer the phone and transferred me to another person who did NOT bother to answer the phone ! So I gave up and called the junk yard"

Has anyone else had this experience?

I think it is a little strange to use that experience to tell you anything. There isn’t a “they” who takes all car donations. There are likely about 100 “theys” to which you can donate a car. There are links right here on this page.

There’s this amusing scene in the film Crocodile Dundee where Mick Dundee comes across a television in his NY hotel room. He says he’d seen one of those once. Upon turning it on he found a rerun of I Love Lucy, said “yep, that’s what I saw” and turned it back off as if concluding that he’d pretty much exhausted all that TV has to offer. Sorry - that’s just what I thought of.

The Kidney Foundation will take your car and issue you a receipt for tax purposes. However, the car has to run by itself, since they will not pay for a tow truck to pick it up! There are many other organizations that will take your car and issue a tax receipt.

Actually, I just wanted to hear about others’ experiences.

Tom and Ray: If you’re reading this, I know about the CarTalk vehicle donation program, mmmkay? That said, as a member of another charitable fraternity, I do have to put my brothers there first with stuff like this. No offense.

Actually, the tranny is shot - hey, it’s an Ody, what did you expect. :wink:

To avoid a permanent family feud, I would not give this vehicle to any relative, unless they are mechanics. An aging Audi is a permanent money pit, as experienced by many posters.