Car does not start (sometimes)


i have an older Honda Accord 1991 and it has a life of its own.

Sometimes (mostly if its hot) it won’t start, but after a while. Batterie is ok and so is the engine. On the dashboard the ‘S’ light comes on and blinks, which indicates that it won’t start. If that light is off, the car is normal and starts.

Also, i have a oil leak on the engine and i wonder if its even worth it to repair. I went to several shops (including Honda) and no one was specific about the issue.

Fact is, it looses a lot of oil (quart a week) and it seems to come from the lower engine. I would even do it myself, but i have no garage on my own. But i’ll guess its all the seals from the engine.

The non-start issue might be solved if you replace the fuel pump relay under the dashboard. This relay often malfunctions on older Honda vehicles, especially when the interior temperature is high.

An oil leak of a quart week is substantial. You didn’t really explain where the leak is, but a quart a week is a LOT of oil to be losing. What are you doing about this leak?

I’ll thank you for the tip. I will look the part up and replace it. Hope it helps. :slight_smile:
The oil issue is this. Its going on for a year or so.
From about half down the engine oil leaks somewhere out. I’ll notice that at the second cover (not sure what its called) oil stands on the engine. The cover gasget i replaced, so there is no oil comming from.
I’ll assume that this is a bigger job i can not do on my own in the street. So i might up ending in the shop with the engine.
Right now i have a oilpan under the engine. Not the best solution. The car itself is not really used, but i hope i can fix it cheaply. Not sure if there are any garage you can rent, so you can work on it yourself.