Car dies with engine on and loses power after

i got a new battery and alternator but still no luck solving this issue.
the car will start and drive fine the first time but the engine will eventually shut off and the power will be low (dim lights and slow window speed) and eventually all power will be gone and the engine wont crank but if i try to charge the battery it shows it’s full and ready to go and if i put the battery back in it’ll start just fine? any ideas? thanks.

You tell us nothing about the vehicle you’re talking about.

And you ask for help? :roll_eyes:


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what do you need to know? i said the problem

Did you ever think that there might be a technical service bulletin that address your problem?

Without knowing what type of vehicle you’re talking about, that can’t be looked up.

And charging systems today are different from one vehicle to another.

That’s why.


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You have a charging system problem, measure the voltage at the alternator output stud and the battery voltage while the engine is running.

you could have a loose ground somewhere or corroded cables. but without more info on what type of vehicle its hard to give you more help.

Subaru legacy gt 1998