Car dies when put in drive

My car recently has started doing this thing where after reversing, I put it in drive and it dies. It only happens when the engine is hot. No check engine light at all. But recently the ABS light is on and it says I need to service the ABS system and traction control system. I’ve replaced the plugs and wires, put seafoam in the gas tank, and changed the mass air flow sensor to no avail. Any ideas?

My top of the head guess would be a vacuum leak to the brake booster. But it’s just a wild guess. The most common reason for the ABS light to be on is a bad speed sensor but there are plenty of other problems that can disable the ABS/traction control system.

I confess u need to try to see the brakes of the car. Maybe that’s the whole problem.

Huh ? Confess ? OK fine :thinking: