Car died

i have a 1997 Pontiac sunfire 2.2…i was coming home from work i heard a clicking sound coming from the motor then the car just died and it wont start back up

How Long Did The Clicking Last ? Was It Just A Couple Of Seconds Before It Died (Almost Simultaneously) Or A Longer Duration Prior To Stopping ?


about 30 seconds

Explain, “and it won’t start back up.” You turn the key and nothing happens? Or you turn the key and the engine cranks over but won’t fire?


engine cranks but won’t fire

Does The Engine Crank Over Like It’s Trying To Start, But Won’t Or Does Nothing Happen When You Turn The Key To “Start” ?

What are your observations ?


it’s trying to start.and i forgot this.right befor the car died i hard a pop sound coming from the motor then the car died

Does the engine appear to spin faster than normal when trying to start it?


I See The 2.2L’s Got A Timing Chain And I’m Wondering If the Guide(s) Or Tensioner Lost Tension On the Chain.

Any unusual sounds while it’s cranking over or does it sound normal ? Does it crank over a little easier or faster than normal ?


its sounds normal and crank over about same

“I heard a pop sound coming from the motor and then the car died.” I’d be looking at the timing chain/tensioner.