1997 pontiac sunfire

1997 pontiac sunfire replaced engine fuel pump steering column and ignition wires in steering column my problem is when I start my car sometimes it turns over then it dies it does not do this all the time it will have periods where starts just fine it never shuts off once it starts but it can be anywhere from 10 minutes to overnight sometimes trying to start it any

intermittent problems, as you can tell are hard to diagnose. First you need to determine if it is fuel or spark. I suspect spark because of the work you have done. (use of commas to seperate one part replacement from another would be helpfull). When it wont start, you need a friend to help you find out which it is. If you can do all this work, you should be able to check for spark and fuel. If not, go to old threads here to get the low down on that process. and good luck.