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Car died, now it won't start

Hi, I have a 1989 Toyota Camry station wagon. I was driving it tonight on a slow neighborhood street and it just died. When I tried to start it back up, it won’t start. I have power, all lights and things at full strength. When trying to start it it makes a high-pitched whirring screeching sound. I don’t know where the starter is located, but the sound seems to be coming from around the spark plugs or behind/under them. If anyone has any idea where I might start, I would be eternally grateful. I gotta get this fixed as cheaply as possible.


An 89 Toyota? If the timing belt hasn’t been serviced, it might need it now.


It can be different things, but if it cranks (turns over) but sounds very strange in doing so, a broken timing belt is as good a guess as any…You can go to the Gates Timing Belt Replacement Guide and see if you have an “interference” or Non-interference" engine…Thankfully, most Toyota’s are non-interference engines…Cheap? Not very often. Figure $300 and up before you are back on the road…