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Shuttering or rumble noise at 1500 rpms

I hit a deer going around 50-55 causing damage to about $9,500 worth. Fenders, Radiator, condenser, tranny cooler, headlight, hood, windshield, battery holder and a few other items was replaced. Car was repaired and it looks great.The body shop owner has been great. Everything is OEM except the condenser.

But after I picked it up and driving it about 5 miles there was a shuttering or chattering noise in the front end.It sounds like when you were driving over rumble strips along the road edge. But the tires don’t really vibrate. It feels like it is in the tranny. It only does it at 1500 rpm and after the car has warm up. The transmission fluid and radiator fluid was replaced with the Toyota brand but I think the tranny filter was a NAPA.

I’m taking it to the Toyota dealer Monday to determine what is wrong and if it was caused by the wreck. Which I’m assuming it was because it did not do this before I hit the deer.

I’m thinking the transmission fluid might need replace again or a the computer might need reprogram?

Any one have any idea what it could be?

P.S. The insurance company knows of the issue and they probably hope it is something simple also.

I can’t answer your question, but I have a few of my own.

  1. did you have the deer tested for wasting disease?
  2. did you save any of the hide for raw hide or doe skin?
  3. did you have the venison made into jerky or cut for steaks, or put up in sausage?
  4. did you have the rack mounted?
  5. did someone else get the benefit of any part of this dead dear?

A bad wheel bearing or cvc joint is what you could hope for.

I didn’t know a deer could go 50-55.

No to all questions except maybe #5. I’m not sure if anyone took the deer or not? I only keep a road kill if I know it was only hit in the head or neck. Cleaning a road kill deer after being hit the body is a mess.

I think we both were going that speed LOL Dang think thing was spooked out of someones backyard out on to the Interstate. I had enough time to get my foot on the brake and that is about it. Usally I’m pretty good at avoiding these critters but when they come out of the brush on to a highway at mach speed it is hard to miss them.
Made me sick since my RAV is a 2010.