Car Dealers Want To Buy Your Car - Be Sure Not To Miss This Opportunity

Dealers have been sticking to us for a century, Now they need our cars. Let’s stick back. How To Reply When Dealers Ask To Buy Your Car - Car Talk


One dealer sent me a letter offering 5k over KBB for our 2017 Rav 4. Trade in 25 to 27, amazing! Around the price we paid, bought out the lease a year ago Sept, 17,900. If I was to sell I would buy a beater for around town, though I have no interest in doing that.

The thing is it’s a wash unless you have an extra car sitting around, but who has that. Sell a car you need at a premium and then try and find a replacement and pay a premium. Nothing free in life unless you stock piled the right merchandise.

Looking back at the 70’s with house prices going up 20–30% a year, might be a repeat, but gotta get in and out at the right time. Some people stock piled diamonds which were easy to store and sell but cars and generators take a lot of room. Bound to be empty shelves of something and a few riots.

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OK , I read the linked article . How do I get that time spent back so I can use it for something worth while ?

I just read the headlines not the articles and just guess. Saves time and my comments are free so like them or lump them as they say.

Where were the dealers who wanted to buy my car when I needed them?
Back in 1973, I found a well equipped 1971 Ford Maverick Grabber at a Dodge dealer. The price on the Maverick was $2495. The dealer said I could buy the car for $2200 with my 1965 Rambler in trade or I could have the Maverick Grabber for $2000 without trading in the Rambler provided I didn’t leave the Rambler on his lot. I bought the Maverick Grabber for $2000, drove both vehicles home and sold the 1965 Rambler for $250.
In December of 1995, I found a 1993 Oldsmobile 88 with 14,000 miles on the odometer. The dealer was asking $14,900 for the 1993 Oldsmobile. He would take my 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon as a trade-in and the price went to $14,500. However, if I bought the 1993 Oldsmobile straight out, I could have it for $14,200. I bought the 1993 Oldsmobile 88 and in 2011 sold the 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass for $500.
In my case, the dealer paid me not to take my cars.

Got that right. Back in 1981 I paid $10,000 for my diesel Olds 88. Two years later I talked to the dealer about trading it in and they offered me $2500. What did I do? What could I do? I drove the dang thing for 480,000 miles. I won’t list all the repairs. I kinda think maybe I shoulda taken the $2500. Wonder what they’d offer me today. Eventually sold it to a guy for $200 with new tires. Six months later I got a summons in the mail on an unpaid parking ticket after I had sold it. Took a whole vacation day from court to DMV to prove I didn’t own it and force the title transfer. Wonder what I could get for it today?

Maybe enough to pay the parking ticket? :thinking: