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Car Cleaning

I recently spent a week at the beach. I now cannot get the grime off the exterior. Please advise.

what were you doing at the beach to get grime on your exterior? What have you done to rid yourself of this grime? Had to ask the obvious!

Hand washing with a bucket and a sponge or soft cloth has always worked for me.

I spent some time several years ago at Venice Beach in Santa Monica and still don’t feel clean. :slight_smile:

Try Maguairs Cleaner Wax. It worked for me when I lived on a barrier island.

Ed B.

You didn’t say what’s on your car or what you tried to get it off, but my guess is that a clay bar will work.

There is a buildup of sand or something. I have tried to give it a normal wash but it hasn’t worked. It is like small crystals all over the car. Thanks for any help!

The sun must have loosened your clear coat on your 13 year old car. If so, there is no cure except for sanding and having more clear coat put on.

You don’t say what condition the finish on your vehicle was in before the beach episode, but assuming that the clear coat wasn’t deteriorated, a week at the beach won’t ruin the clear. The damp, salty air near the ocean baked on by the sun does leave a rough film, but thorough washing, followed by clay bar should do the trick. Then follow up with a good coat of wax or synthetic sealant for protection.