Car cleaning kits for Christmas?

I’ve about decided I’m just gonna get everyone in my family a car cleaning kit. We all use self-cleaning car wash places, where you insert quarters for so much time to spray your car with high pressure water hoses, and then there’s a vacuum available you can use to do the interior of your car. But, there’s stuff like carpet cleaner, leather cleaner that’s not available at these places.

Here’s what I’m thinking goes in the kit:

1.) A bag to hold everything together in your trunk.

2.) Carpet cleaner

3.) Leather cleaner and conditioner (we all have leather seats, except Mom’s Miata)

4.) Microfiber towels for cleaning leather and dash.

5.) Probably some kind of plastic container to hold water. I saw Greg Yoke’s detailing tips on this site, he says don’t use Amor-all on the dash because it attracts dust. I assume he means to just rub the dash with a moist towel?

6.) window cleaner and paper towels

7.) Not for everybody, but dad would use a cleaner to clean his hub caps.

8.) I’ll have to print out basic instructions I write for how to use everything.

I guess what I don’t know what I need is brushes. What kind of brush do I need for carpets? Cleaning the leather, just using the microfiber towels is good? Greg Yoke recommends a toothbrush and a paintbrush for vacuuming. Are there any more “automotive looking” brushes for that, so I don’t look too cheap? Meh, maybe I’ll just get toothbrushes, who cares. Do I really need a paint brush too?

And, what about cleaning Mom’s cloth seats, what kind of product I need for that?

Also, inexpensive but quality brand names for all the cleaning products. I want to know what’s the best. I’ve seen Meguiar’s around the internet a lot. But, I don’t know if that’s because of active marketing on the companies part, or if people really like that stuff.

Anything I’ve left out, please let me know…

How about a gift card to you local detailing shop?

My daughter gave me a complete car cleaning kit last Christmas (or was it my birthday? Sorry, Sweetie, you know I love you with all my heart but my memory is fading.). It was a really great gift. You can buy a complete kit all put together. It may be less costly.

Happy holidays.

I’ve looked at complete kits. None of them have the things I want. Basically, my opinion of them is they give you stuff you don’t need. Like Amor-all, you don’t need it, but it’s in all those kits.

What’s a good inexpensive but quality name brand for carpet cleaner?

I think I wanna get Gliptone leather cleaner, and Rain-X window cleaner. That’s about all I’ve decided on.

just dont go overboard. its like a gym membership for your birthday. useful, but also an insult in another way.

dont write everything utilitarian like. otherwise, a good idea.

Lol roadrunner.

They’re used to me being a little OCD. But yeah, the instructions are simple. I’m half way done now, the easy half is done anyway.

But, I’m drawing blanks on brand names. If you guys no what the good stuff to buy is, clue me in…

Mothers brand. its the stuff they use on show cars. Royal Purple is popular too.