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Car bicycle rack

What is the best way to install a bicycle car carrier on the back of a Toyota Matrix. How high should it sit?

If you have one already, follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions. If not, find a bicycle site to ask the question, too. They might have suggestions for popular models among the posters.

I bought the rack used, so I don’t have the manual, and the manufacturer doesn’t seem to have a good website.

Why don’t you tell us what kind of rack it is, maybe someone here will be familiar with it.

It’s made by rhode gear. I used to use it on a car with a trunk, but now that we have a hatchback, I’m curious about mounting it. Should the lower bar sit on the bumper?

That doesn’t tell us much…

What TYPE of carrier…Is it a hitch carrier…or a bumper mount…or a window mount???

If you have a good relation with a local bike store, you should be able to ask them. My experience is that LBS are pretty helpful, even with gear you bought elsewhere.

What web site did you go to? Rhode Gear was bought by Yakima Racks. Yakima currently recommend the Quickback and King Joe racks for your Matrix. There might be a problem with the old rack: it was manufactured for a sedan, not a hatchback. It might fit, but I doubt it.