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Car Battery Brands, CCAs, and Warranties

I wasn’t doubting the story, I just never read it before.

Volume sales pricing? Every time I walk into one they tell me my battery’s dead. Even if it’s only a few months old and tests fine, it’s about to die and I should get a new one.

I figure if even 1/3rd of their customers go for it, they’re powering through a lot of batteries. :wink:



Good Grief , just how hard is it to buy a battery ? Auto Zone has them and usually installs for free , Silly WalMart batteries are rated quite well . Costco , Sam’s Club , Batteries Plus and even a local tire store has Interstate .

And I can’t even imagine why someone would think Of Sears for anything anymore.


Trust me, I am correct.
Back in the '70s, a NYC newspaper reporter referred to me as “The man who remembers everything”.

Ironically, circa 2005, when I was in my third career–writing the court complaints for two NJ Deputy Attorneys General, both of them called me “The man who remembers everything”, and that was the result of several court victories that they might otherwise have lost. When I was able to recall offenders’ aliases that were not recorded in official databases, they were able to link past crimes to current offenders.

Trust me… Sears was convicted for selling used batteries to consumers, while claiming that they were new batteries.

Excellent chart! Thanks

Yeah, I didn’t, fully, believe them, that is why I posted here.

I buy my batteries from Walmart.

Reason being, if the battery goes bad on me, there’s generally a Walmart nearby with which to use the battery’s warranty. Assuming it’s still in warranty, of course.

Earlier this year, the battery on my wife’s car died out of the blue. It was less than 3 years old. Took it Walmart; they gave me a brand new one under warranty.


It can depend on where you live. Would I trust the Car Battery answers I get in Hawaii? It is a completely different climate than mine, and the driver’s needs may be different. I am stuck on CCAs, due to living in a cold climate. My neighbor swears by his Die Hard, actually, it is an AAA battery from JC, that is supposed to be a copy of a Die Hard battery.

I am from a very warm climate, quite the opposite of where I live now. I just had a basic battery in my pickup. Cold never happened, only heat all year long.

My current battery is from WM too. 750 CCAs, and a 3-year+2 prorated years on the warranty. I’m in the prorated area now. But I may not return to WM this year.

Someone in Hawaii would just go to a battery web site ,enter the vehicle specs and see what battery fits so yes you could depend on the answer.

Edit: Just to confirm I entered my vehicle into the Auto Zone web site to see what battery they listed . And the Zip Code was not asked for .

I have had good results with Delco, Die-Hard, and Walmart Maxx batteries. I like the Maxx for the 3-year free replacement warranty.

As a recent Costco member, I looked at their batteries at my southern address. They seemed to be a good deal, but at my northern address, Costco is too far away.

So, I have been buying Walmart Maxx and never had a bad one, running them for at least 5 years. The price is good, locations of stores are convenient, and CCAs excellent (for most applications). I believe they don’t offer the Maxx for some vehicles.

Wherever one lives, but especially where it gets very/extremely cold, I recommend replacing the battery on a time basis, 4 or 5 years. You don’t want to be stranded and freeze you dipstick off!

Also, hot climates are probably harder on battery life than cold climates (think: chemical reaction and what you learned in science class).

Replace it while it’s still working fine, on your schedule, in nice weather, and when the car can be started normally and driven to purchase a battery or have one installed. It’s more convenient and comfortable, safer, and better for your car than screwing around jump-starting etcetera.

I’m quite thrifty (no, cheap), but this is a case of not becoming ridiculously penny-wise and pound-foolish. Just plan on budgeting $25 - $30 a year for keeping a current (no pun intended) battery in your car and call it good. Pick another area in which to save a few bucks. You can thank me later.

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The Walmart Ever Start Maxx has worked well for me. When I went to Costco’s side, the batteries I saw were all Interstate batteries. I think they are made by different manufacturers, depending on the model.

The Auto Zone batteries are made by JC, but I’ll start at the CCAs, and warranty, not who made the battery. The snow, here, is October - March, but I’ll have a new battery before the end of October.

Just use an online chart to find what fits your vehicle which is basically the same advice you got in August when you asked this same battery question.

if you’re a Costco member, I’d seriously consider buying the battery there

they stock the most common sizes and their price is very good

I want to say there is a 42-months free-replacement period . . . but they no longer do pro-rated

The batteries are labeled “Interstate” . . . if you care about such things

I will say something else, and this is very important for me . . .

If you’re within the free replacement period, Costco will simply give you a new battery with NO questions asked, in exchange for the old one. They won’t even charge and test the battery. Couldn’t be simpler. That’s good customer service, as far as I’m concerned. Some other vendors will make you jump through hoops before they finally do the right thing

42?! Whoa, I could join Costco, just for this, and the Top Tier gasoline they sell. I’ve
seen groupons for a Costco membership. Okay 42 months for the free replacement, but how long is the warranty, 4 years, 5 years?

Thanks, I’ll go back to their site now.

In my area, Costco fuel is slightly cheaper than Arco

exactly 42 months, like I said

After that, it’s over

no pro-rated after the 42 months

Hmm, the Interstate for my car has 700 CCAs, 875 cranking amps. In the Snow Belt, are CCAs more important than cranking amps? The Ever Start I have had 750 CCAs when new.

Okay, thanks, on Interstate’s site, it says to look for a model # beginning “M, or MT, etc” this was confusing, as the model # on the battery that fits my car begins with a number.

I’ll join Costco, and buy this battery. You have been extremely helpful db4690.

Cheers, :grinning:

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Kind of weird what Cosco sells, last year I wanted a deep cell battery for my boat, they did not carry one but had another battery with the wingnut terminals I need. I bought it, as it is an outboard and the bilge pump is the only thing that powers on when the boat is off. The last battery lasted 13 years I think, it took 4 or 5 hours to get it to full charge on the tender, this spring it was like 10 minutes. I have not noticed the bilge pump affecting cranking rpms after a big rainstorm. Time will tell.