Car batteries, always double check your connections

Super funny

LOL ! …I think I wet myself a little…

Hmmm. Been there done that but most of us don’t put it on youtube for the world to see. Ever have a wood router spinning at 20,000 rpm come out of its base in the router table? Hit the floor spinning like crazy and you’re dancing around trying to get to the power cord to pull the plug? Usually happens only once and then you double check your work.

You can only get away with that stuff if the time you need to heal is a small part of the time you have left to live. Notice old guys don’t try this stuff on utube.

that s funny!

“…most of us don’t put it on youtube for the world to see.”

You do if it’s staged…

that s what makes it funny. I don t like the real fails…

I see the Three Stooges left behind offspring!!!


Pretty funny to me but for those of us who have waded into something like that inadvertently it’s tempered a bit… :frowning:

plugging in a 9 inch grinder that has the trigger lock engaged can cause wet underwear as well…

I ve had them come across the table at me before. one time a guy just let go of one when he was cleaning his table off, it came right at me. guess I should have been nicer…

I’ve done dumb things, but never over and over again.

When I was in the Air Force, I was showing a new tech just out of school that the autopilot switches on the B52s were open in back and warning him to beware of the 28VDC, as they were always “hot”. I was looking at him as I was warning him, while at the same time putting safety wire on a cannon plug. Yup, you guess it… I shorted the switch. Put a nice little burn mark down my hand and scared the bejesus out of both of us. I was lucky. BUFFs’ cockpits are very confined spaces, and there are plenty of sharp metal places to bang your head on when you’re startled.

More recently, I was cutting some iron pipe with an angle grinder with a 6" disc. No longer having the gripping strength in my hands that I used to have, the angle grinder freed itself from my hand… with the trigger locked in the ON position. Tore up my sweat pants and carved a few long chunks out of my leg, but I still have all my pieces, fortunately.

"You do if it’s staged… "

The first mishap looked like it was genuinely a ham-handed accident.
However, the recurring “accidents” made it apparent to me that this was staged.

Even the last scene that allegedly shows facial swelling is staged, and–more than likely–the star of the video had a ping pong ball (or some other object) in his cheek when he delivered his farewell comments.

That being said, it was funny!

“I see the Three Stooges left behind offspring!”

Now, when I nod my head, you hit it…


If you look at some of this guy’s other videos, you will see that he is quite the automotive comedian.

His video on how to change your brake pads includes such gems as…
How NOT to jack up the car…
How NOT to remove lug nuts…
How NOT to compress the caliper pistons…

Even though it was staged, it was kind of fun to watch. Now I’m interested in checking out the other videos that he’s made. I could use a good laugh.

I was making a bracket the other day and needed a 3/8 hole in it. I threw it on the drill press and never grabbed it with anything but my fingers. The bit grabbed it at the end and spun that thing so fast…I could have taken a big chunk out of my thumb. Lucky for me, the thought had crossed my mind and I let go as I eased up on the drill press and my thumb was out of the way. Just in time too!!

I’m sure we all have done those stupid things. Working too fast for our own good. Our mind on something else. A distraction…all can leave a bad scar.


This guy needs a new job/hobby.
Perhaps nuclear reactors. [/schtick]

so…, would that contract to a “jobby”?

I think this is his hobby…making videos that we can all laugh at.

I liked the one about the reusable firecracker the best.


Thanks to keith for posting that video. A look at some of the guy’s other videos had me in stitches; especially the brake pad replacement.

In spite of the staging and the likely bruises, cuts, and burns he has suffered that guy is one sharp cookie.