Car Alarms Capability

If someone vandalizes your car by slashing your tires will that set the car alarm off or not?

I would tend to think it would depend on how sensitve the alarm is.

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Apparently your vehicle alarm is not sensitive enough for that act of vandalism . If it was then strong winds might set it off . You did not give year and vehicle info so if you have full coverage call your insurance carrier .

If it does go off… how did it protect you? Answer, it didn’t; your tires are still slashed.

If it didn’t go off… your tires are still slashed but you didn’t have to go outside and turn the alarm off.

Seems to me it would be better if the alarm didn’t go off!

There are tilt sensors that can be added to an alarm to activate if someone Jack’s up the car to steal the wheels.

Sometimes if the car is touched, it grounds off and peeps the horn but just hitting the tires with a knife would be doubtful. I remember at work chasing a big guy purse thief across the street, through the ramp, and then lost him. Then I asked myself what would I have done if he would have stopped instead of running? So gotta ask yourself the same thing if a guy with a knife was slashing your tires just for fun or payback. Shot gun handy?

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My car alarm will not activate, my car’s alarm does not have a motion or impact sensor. My neighbor’s truck alarm sounds 10 times a day, usually when a motorcycle passes by. His truck has an impact sensor that is very sensitive to vibrations, that can be adjusted but most people don’t like to make there own adjustments.

Tell us about your car alarm.

Not usually no… If your shock sensor was set to be that sensitive it would be going off when the wind blows too hard. So a tire slowly deflating will typically not set car alarms off.

To have your alarm be aware of people say…standing next to the vehicle and looking in the windows requires an internal (and optional) proximity sensor which is usually an adjustable radar bubble inside the car. You can adjust those to be sensitive enough to detect people looking inside your windows. I used to hate having to install those, not because they were difficult but because of the complaints it almost always generated. Almost anything would set them off… leaves falling onto the windshield, sound vibrations from vehicles, rain…etc… They were and I imagine still are a major headache.

I used to install alarms and remote start and high end audio equipment in vehicles professionally…back when that was the “in thing” in the 90’s basically.