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Car alarm

I own a 2007 GMC Canyon and I?m having problems with the alarm. For some reason every 1 out of 10 time the truck will not start, but for some reason the truck alarm thinks that the truck is being broken into. How can I fix this problem, and also were can I fine a free site on a tune up manual for my truck.

Factory alarm or Dealer installed or aftermarket installed?. The phrase "Tune-up today is not the shadow of what it meant in 1965. Your plugs have a peplacment interval (that is probably too long) and fluids have replacement intervals but thats about it, except for filters. Good thing is all of the info is in the owners manual.

the alarm is dealer installed and as for the tune up they sell books on your can and you can read it if you had any problems or just rebuilding part or replaceing part

When you say alarm, are you referring to the factory installed PassLock System? I only ask cause you say the truck will not start. If it is actually an alarm I’m not familiar with it.

yes its a passlock system