Car age question- what do I do if anything?


My car was sold to me as a 2002. I just had windshield replaced and the serviceman said the one he ordered did not fit-- and found a plate saying my car was built in 2001. Did I get taken advantage of? Can I go back to dealership for refund (I am still paying on loan)?


The model year is not the same as the actual year. Model years come out sometimes 6 months earlier than the calendar year. Check your paperwork (the loan company has the title) and see what it says. In addition, the VIN will have model year information coded in it.


The majority of '02 cars are built in '01. Look at the tag on the door jam. There should be a production date on there; something to the effect of 7/01, 8/01, 9/01, etc. This means it’s an '02.

As mentioned, the VIN will decode it.

It’s also possible that the windshield was incorrectly packaged and may be for another model.


What happened? Was this work done at the dealership? Someone ordered the wrong windshield for your car based on information that you gave them? Don’t dealerships order using the VIN most of the time these days? Did you end up paying for two windshields?