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Alright so I have a 1994 dodge ram 1500 with a v8 5.9L engine, it gets somewhere around 10 to the gallon. And gas is very expensive for me. My only other option for a car is this 1970s- 1980s datsun 280z I’m not exactly sure what year but somewhere around that, I do not know anything about the datsun, but would it be better to get the standard datsun in hopes it has a lil better gas milage or keep the massive gas monster I have now. Please help me lol

The obvious for mileage alone. But it also depends upon your needs. List those needs and choose the vehicle that best fulfills them regardless of mileage. It doesn’t matter how good the mileage of the Datsun, if you have to pull a 5000 lbs. boat.

Personally, I would be very concerned about the reliability of a '70s-'80s era Datsun.

These cars were none too reliable when new, and the passage of 22-36 years will only make this car a candidate for frequent breakdowns. In the long run, a '70s-'80s era Datsun will likely be a true money-pit.

These are your only options?

You need to look around a little more.

I don’t see a 280Z as a good choice for a daily driver. It’s a great hobby car, but should not be relied upon for daily transportation.

Right…Your two choices offer no solution to your problem…

The problem is we don’t know where you live. If in most of the US, there will be plenty of cars available across the range. If you live out there in the Boonies where Louise Dickinson Rich lived, your two options might be all there is, but in most places, there will be many choices.

Also, we don’t know how many miles a year you drive. A person who drives a couple thousand miles a year, around town, or around his isolated rural home, the gas mileage may not matter much, in comparison to depreciation and insurance costs.

That’s why it would help you a lot if you gave us more information. it is too easy to get caught up in gas mileage issues when there are many factors involved.

If those are your 2 sole options, since it appears no other cars exist in your area(somewhere along the ice roads of Canada or Alaska perhaps?), I’d keep your current car

i live in arkansas i drive about 150 miles a week give or take, i do need a daily car. and the only reason those are my 2 choices is because the family freind who game me my truck also said he would think about giving me the datsun. not both, and i do not have anywhere near the money to get my own car much less save for one. he is very wealthy and keeps all of his vehicles well maintained

You will save between $20-$25 per week on gas. Is it worth it to you to trade for the 280Z? If you have a need for the truck, you might consider keeping it. Under the circumstances, you friend might agree to keep you on the road while one or the other is being repaired at your expense.

So my best option is to take the 280z?

If your friend is footing the bill to keep the car on the road, sure, why not. If you are footing the repairs/maintenance yourself, keep the truck, it’ll be cheaper to keep running, despite costing more to fill up.

Join a 280z forum and look around and see what those guys are spending to keep the cars running

is the car reliable

The weak link with the Z-car will be it’s carburetion or injection…1975-1981 were bad years for everyone…If it’s '81 or newer and carbureted, they can be a nightmare…

It depends on exactly what Z Datsun this is. The 240s and 260s were dual carbureted and the carburetors are a royal pain in the neck. When I worked for Nissan someone would drop in now and then with one of these things and the service manager would refuse to even book them into the shop.
If it were my decision I’d have taken them in, but my pay grade was not that high…

The 280s are injected and much more reliable. If not driven hard you should get 20-25 on the open road with a 280.

These cars are fun to drive and generally easy to service so my opinion would be yes on the 280 and no on the 240/260.

There are other vehicles I would recommend over the 280 but if this is a 280 or else thing then you would have to weigh all of that out yourself.

well thank you lol

The problem with the older Nissan/Toyota and Hondas here in the North East is rust. It wasn’t until the mid 80’s that they finally cleared up the severe rust problems. My wife owned a Datsun 510…After 4 years it was almost completely rusted out…My 80 Datsun Pickup King-cab…the bed rusted out in 5 years…

If you buy that lived in Arizona for the past 20 years…it’s probably fine.

i live in arkansas. no salt watter here lol

“is the car reliable” (280Z)

Of course not. It’s over 30 years old.