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Car Ads from magazines

The attached file is an inventory of the ads.

My father went to a stamp auction once. Most of the stamps were in plastic bags; youbought hundreds of them at once. And most of they buyers were stamp dealers looking for inventory. Most of them were worthless, but they found enought worthwhile stamps to continue the practice. If the sellers are in business, they just might take them. If the average price on ebay is $1, you might get 50 cents for each. Even then, that’s $11,000 for you. You have so many that you need to be careful if you hope to maximize return. Of course, they might also be intimidated by the size of the collection. You never know until you try. Peruse the list and find the ones that seem to be most serious and contact them.

That’s a great collection, with lots different brands and lots of pre-1940 cars. I have interest in several. Let us know where they end up!

Claudette, post your collection in ‘Hemmings Motor News’. My local grocery store carries this magazine. It deals with antique vehicles. Go online if you cannot find a copy of the mag.You will unload the whole batch.