Car accident with no drivers license

So I am an unlicensed driver and I was backing out of a park lot and hit a car. There was no serious damage I just dislodges the persons passenger back light. I do have insurance with geico I was wondering what penalties I’m going to have and possibly an estimate on how much it would cost me

What are you doing driving without a license ? In another thread you asked about a long trip , do you just want to end up in jail or have a serious accident and be sued for everything you have .
As for cost to repair the vehicle you hit have them get an estimate and give them the money. If you file a claim with Geico and they find out you are driving without insurance they might cancel and refuse to pay.

In the other thread I was gonna have someone else drive that has a license this drive was 5 mins I didn’t think it would be to bad. And either way I’ll have to pay for the repair cost

Your costs beside fixing their car will depend on what state you were in and were you given a ticket. And also if Geico finds out about the accident. For instance, in NY there is a $300 surcharge to the owner of the car for letting an unlicensed driver drive the car, plus the ticket and surcharge to the driver.

If Geico finds out, they will eiter cancel your policy or raise your rate.

So it would be better to contact the person and just tell them I’ll pay for the repairs

You backed out of a parking lot onto the street and hit a car on the street?

No it was still in the parking lot

You shouldn’t need a police report to handle an insurance claim for an incident that occurred on private property, I wouldn’t suspect that you will be fined.

I didn’t even think it was possible for an unlicensed person to get insurance.


A cop would ask to see your license.
you want to pay for damage with cash to keep insurance co out of equation
I am pretty sure geico wants your DL number on the policy? Maybe they don’t care as long as you pay for insurance? seems to me the last time i talked to my insurance man he wanted to know my DL number.

I also thought you had to have a drivers license to have insurance . But not so , most companies will insure the vehicle because some people who can’t drive will have a vehicle with insurance and have a licensed driver take them where they need to go.

Yes, but an insurance company will not pay a claim when the insured vehicle is driven by an unlicensed driver. I think it is likely that the insurance company would cancel the policy at that point, if they were to learn of these circumstances.

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All 50 states plus the District of Columbia have different laws regarding unlicensed drivers. What exactly would the OP expect an on line forum to tell him or her?

That it’s really stupid to drive without a license?


hmm, driven in california, arizona, new mexico lately? i have heard on the internet and even in the news that there are a few drivers with no licenses and insurance and even social security numbers. but they all seem to have jobs.

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Coincidentally, I’ve heard that this site frowns on injecting political propaganda into otherwise legitimate discussions about cars.


Let’s be frank. If the other owner files and accident report, and they SHOULD, you’ll probably have your insurance cancelled for allowing an unlicensed driver to drive the vehicle, get cited for driving without a license, and have to pay the damages out of your own pocket. If you cannot, the other owner’s insurance will probably take you to court.

And IMHO you’d be getting everything you deserve.


“I didn’t even think it was possible for an unlicensed person to get insurance”.

I think you are correct. It would be possible to get insurance then later have your license suspended. My State Farm policy requires anyone driving my car to have a valid license. That would include me. No valid license. No insurance coverage.

decided to delete this post.

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I don’t think you needed to. It’s accurate and to the point