Caprice Classic electrical problems

My caprice has been sitting for about 8 years in a shed, I put a good battery in it and the cables spark showing that they get power but nothing else does, the lights and electronics don’t work on the inside or outside and it doesn’t crank. I can tell that quite a few wires have been chewed on and cut by rodents. Im wondering which major wires being cut could lead to this?

It’s easy to answer this one. All of them. Then there are the others that just corroded. Just like a guesser on the web: no, better, the wires have to be seen to determine if the whole wiring harness has to be replaced. You’ll have to check to avoid a fire. Then check the battery cables at the battery end for corrosion up the wire, especially if they are aluminum which go bad after years of sitting.

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First check to see is power is getting to the fuses in the panel under the hood. A wire from the battery or starter solenoid ties power to that fuse panel. It may be a fusible link that does that. See if the brake lights work. Power comes from that panel to power the lights. If you have brake lights then you need to see if power is getting to the ignition switch from that panel. The ignition switch passes power on to the dash fuse panel. It would be good to have at least a test light probe to check for power.

Any one of them, They all need repaired.


Look closely at the harness. There might be rodent damage.

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I wonder if that’s what the OP means by saying

Sure, eventually. Note that the original post was edited twice. The information about the wires wasn’t in there when I read the post.

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