Cant start out in overdrive in my 2002 dodge

I have a 2002 dodge 2500 cummins. I am having a major issue with it. Here is what happens… If I start out in overdrive i have to pull over about a half block into the drive shift back into park shut the engine off and start over in Direct drive because the transmission wont shift at all when I start out like this. If I start out in direct drive and then shift into overdrive then I can drive normaly and the transmission shifts normal. I was told this could be sticky valves but Im unsure of this. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this problem? I have serviced the truck such as oil changes and filters.

Sorry but Overdrive only kicks in at certain points in the shift cycle. All of those points happen after the trans fluid is warm. The trans is going to default mode. Do you want a fix? This can be money cause the sensor in the tranny may be bad.

These transmissions had major issues with the governor pressure sensors (Transducer) causing the exact same issues you are describing. I would have a trans shop check it out. If it is a transducer, its a simple fix.