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Can't Revise My User Nickname

I’m not the sharpest pencil in the drawer - I misspelled my nickname when I created my CarTalk account. I tried to revise my nickname by editing my account info, but my nickname didn’t appear. Please help. The CarTalk show is totally cool.

Go to your inbox and send Carolyn a message @cdaquila and let her know what you meant for your screen name to be. If you are not aware of it the CarTalk shows are reruns.

"If you are not aware of it the CarTalk shows are reruns."

…and could be from as long ago as 18 years ago.
Yes, they can be entertaining, but they are certainly not current, and at this point, I can almost repeat everything verbatim as a result of hearing each show multiple times.

Aw, c’mon, guys. Leave something for ol’ sehog to discover. Let him enjoy it if he wants. :smile:

I rarely remember hearing repeated segments on the best-of shows myself. Once in a while I’ll recall a puzzler repeat, but even those for the most part I don’t recall. Probably just my old-geezer’s brain can’t remember anything. Just proves sometimes that’s a good thing … … lol

yeah, I ve started listening again. I wish it was on for three hours on Saturday…

…that s about how long I like to putter around outside on saturday

Our local radio station runs CarTalk twice on Saturday. I listen both morning and afternoon and I’m always entertained.