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Can't put gas in empty tank, 1992 Mazda B2200

My gas tank is empty. The gas gage does not work but I keep track of the miles from when I fill the tank. This has always worked just fine, until now. When I tried to fill my tank the pump clicked off after pumping just over a gallon of gas, when I try to add more it pours out the top, I have tried to get gas into the tank 4 times now and it will only let me pump about a gallon before it starts to spill out the top. I can’t find anyone that has ever experienced this problem.

umm i think your tank is full!!!

There may be a floating ball (anti-spill valve) at the base of the gas tank filler pipe which has moved and stuck in the anti-spill position. Use a flexible rod (stick), push it into the filler pipe, down to the ball valve, and push. Try, now, to fill tank.

I would guess in your case hellokit is right. If not, it is possible that you have been topping off the tank (that is adding more gas after the first time the pump shuts off. This is a bad idea and most cars have warnings about it pasted on the car and in the owner’s manual. It can damage the vapor recovery system and cause the problem you are having.

I think the charcoal canister in the tank may be shot. If you have been topping off the tank, this is likely. If you haven’t been topping off the tank, it still might be the issue on a car this old.