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Can't pull out the water pump outlet tube - Help!

I need to remove the water pump outlet tube on my 2004 Ford Freestar (3.9 litre V6 motor). This multi-armed metal assembly plugs into the top of the water pump; it receives some of the water spit out from the water pump and distributes it to the heater and other places. The Ford manual just says you remove the hold-down bolt and pull out the outlet tube. Well, easier said than done. I’ve tried wiggling, tapping, tugging, force, brute force, prying. I’ve PB Blaster’ed it for two days. Nothing. Does anyone have a trick, clue, or good Voodoo spell that will get that tube extracted?

I dont know about this particular model and engine. so be forwarned. But, I have found that heat is sometimes the cure for things that stick. The metal of the pump, vs the metal of the outlet tube will most like expand/contract at slightly different rates when heat is applied, say by a blow torch. I would gently tease the pump body with heat and twist/pull on the outlet at the same time. In theory, the pump body will expand, and loosen its grip on the outlet. Could it be somebody put a coat of sealant on the joint when it was assembled?

If you can get the tube and the pump, replace them both. Is the tube bad or is the water pump being replaced? If the pump is bad, I would drill around the tube and forget about the core charge, if any. That could take two days. If the tube is bad and the water pump good, that’s not a happy situation.

Watch out for my advice, I have torn up a few things over the decades. Why did they use left-handed threads on the frost free spigot on my house?

The tube is sealed to the water pump with an O-ring. Normally the tube should just twist out, but the O-ring is probably bonding the tube to the water pump. Heat up the water pump in the area of the tube with a propane torch and it should come out. Did the new water pump come with a replacement O-ring?