Can't fix problem, go away

o6’ outback. If you read past discussions you’ll find my full question. Returned car four times, rural area long drive to dealer. Find on discussions that other have had similar problems. Due to crack Subaru created by having Rep disagree with mechanic, I no longer qualify for lemon law. Dealer very pleasant, smiling and says"I’m sorry" I still owe 7k on a car that runs poorly.

I read I should borrow a different computer and have turbo checked out. This is my third and last Subaru.

Think it is time to request arbitration from Subaru. There is obvious disagreement as to the correct repair, so it is time to go higher than the Subaru rep. Your point all along is that the car doesn’t run correctly and you should not be required to “live with it” as-is, which is what the rep suggests.

I’m no legal expert, but while you may be beyond the sunset of lemon law, if you identified the problem and brought it to the attention of the dealer while the car was still in warranty, and they have not yet fixed it, then it is their problem, not yours. Whether they should have to provide you with a loaner car while they sort it out (even if it takes 10 years) is the question. I suspect that the owner of the dealership would push for some drastic measures if you were driving his loaner car.

YOu always have a choice to see if an independent mechanic can repair it and then sue the dealer and Subaru for the cost of repair in court. Before I do this, I would make sure I have in writing the Subaru rep’s actual statement about living with the problem. I don’t think any judge will rule against you if an independent can fix it, and the rep said “live with it”.


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