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Can't find Accelerator Cable for 1998 V8 Lincoln Continental

This car is in too good of condition to just throw away because I can’t find this little 50.00 part. Can anyone help me find this part. God bless you if you can help me. I am so frustrated, today.

Have you tried the dealer? They may ave to order it.

While cables may be perceived to be a simple thing, many are a comparatively complicated and high tech affair and 50 bucks may not be that bad a deal all things considered.

It’s either bite bullet and shell out 50, find one from a salvage yard, or manufacture one.
The latter is not practical unless you’re doing it yourself and in the event you can’t find one from a local boneyard you might do a net search for Wilson Ford on South Shields in Oklahoma City, OK.
They’re a Ford only salvage, ship UPS, and good people to deal with. They may have something floating around there. Hope that helps.

How do you know it costs $50 if you can’t find it?

It’s hard to believe a Lincoln/Mercury dealer can’t get this part.

Not to mention AutoZone, Pep Boys, and other auto parts stores.

Are you saying NO ONE has this part?

Forgove me for not being more precise in my first post.
My car is at a dealership, right now. They called other dealerships and their salvage yards to no avail. My brother found one on the internet and they said it was 45.00 plus shipping which made it 58.00, to be more precise.When the dealer called them, they had made a mistake and the part wasn’t available. I called a friend who is in an auto repair business and he gave me a list of all of the salvage places he calls…no luck…I camr home and sent messages to 10 people who were selling 1998 Lincoln parts on eBay and haven’t had time to hear from any of them yet and posted here and on a Lincoln forum. Everyone said same thing. Lincoln doesn’t make part any more since car is 11 years old.

I was hoping someone on this forum might be able to give me other ideas on where to look. Or how to ask.

Thanks for your comments. We are building a house and my husband is too busy to worry with it or talk to me. And I just need help,

check out this web site…

1998 LINCOLN TOWN CAR EXECUTIVE 4.6L 281cid V8 FI (W) : Fuel/Air : Accelerator Cable

I left message with customer service. I id a search on Rock Auto but could only come up with Town Car cable…you think it would work in my continental?

sorry I have no idea…they should know…

Obsoleting a part is common practice with any car maker. They usually only provide (are only required to) furnish a part for around 10 years after the end of the production date. This means you’re a year over and even that 10 year time frame can be iffy.

I have no idea if the Town Car cable would fit. Compare the part number of the TC against the part number of the Continental. If they’re the same it should fit.
One issue I have with Rock Auto (assuming they have a cable that fits) is that while the retail price of the part may be lower they often have a high shipping charge which bumps it up a bit much.

Compare that total against the original. Considering the part, 50 bucks ain’t that bad.

Dorman website has the break down of vehicles the Town car cable will fit. It looks like you may be out of luck with the Dorman part

I believe that the time has come to consult a specialized board. Go to to the Conti forum.

Unlikely ,the Continental is front wheel drive and has the DOHC 4.6L. The cables are probably different.