Cant find a distibutor for my s10

My 1991 chev s10 blazer, 4.3 distibutor( the round sleeve, not the rotor, that is below the cap and on top of the electronic module) is vibrating and making a chattering noise. Making the car run very rough and lurch at stops and so forth, not to mention bad mileage. We have been to a dozen parts stores and no one has a ditributor that looks like the original. We have been told that my engine is a Z engine and they dont have that part. We have even ased the Dealer and no such luck. Where can I get the same one, or is there a whole new kind of replacement distibutor?

Try Long Motor Corp. in Kansas City. They most likely have what you need for an s10

Your post is vague regarding the part you want. Do you actually want the entire distributor or only the ‘sleeve?’ The entire distributor is apparently available at most McParts stores for aboout $100.

I live in Idaho and have been to all parts stores within 100 miles of my home. There are no McParts here. But we do have a variety of them. No such luck and not even the chevrolet dealer(s) has the right distributor. I am looking for the whole distibutor.
I will try and look up a Mcparts online, Thanks.

Both Summit Racing and Napa appear to have distributors for the 1991 Blazer V6. Neither site mentions the “Z” engine though, a call to customer service would probably clarify the situation. I’ve had good luck with Summit in the past.

Ed B.

ok… I hope this helps.

After a LOT of searching I have discovered that your engine does exist…YAY!
Vin code z is the 4.3l EFI engine. However, the only info I could find on alldata was for the CPI engine. But, I did pull a part number for you (I hope it’s the right one) GM Pt# 1103725. I found several suppliers of the part (although very few), so do a google search and compare pictures.

I hope this helped (if at all).


McParts is referring to the nationwide chain stores; Auto Zone, Advance, O’Reilly and Pep. Both Auto Zone and O’Reilly list a rebuilt for that engine either throttle body or central port injection. 30-1635 is the part number for a Cardone rebuilt.