Can't clear codes

Hi guys. I have a 94 accord lx non vtech a/t. Recently the car started “hiccuping”. Driving down the road, the engine would suddenly bog down, then jump back to life. In researching the issue, I was told that the o2 sensor can sometimes cause this. Here is where the real problem started. I changed out the upstream o2 sensor. When I tried to start the car, it would only crank, no start. The d4 light started flashing. I pulled the codes.
1- lockup solenoid A
8- shift solenoid B
I also got codes 13 and 14. I am unsure of these codes. I was told on a Honda forum the the had to do with the ecu and tcu. Though he wouldn’t say exactly what the codes were, and I can’t find them. Anyway, the recommendation was to replace both the ecu and tcu. After replacing, I decided to make sure there were no codes on the new (used) ones before starting it. Sure enough, SAME CODES! I had completely unhooked the battery and pulled both ecu/backup fuses before installing. Where could it possibly have stored these codes? I have tried everything to clear these codes out. I am now thoroughly vexed! Any ideas?

Honda OBDI codes can be found here.


The codes on that site are CEL codes. I need D4 codes. They come from the tcu not the ecu.