***94 Accord Intermittent No-Start & Shutdown, Code 15***



Intemittent no-start. Always throws code 15 (Ignition Output Signal) when it occurs. Sometimes, just shuts down quickly when running. Not a stuttering shut down, but a quick shut down. Replaced ignitor already a few weeks ago, as that fixed the same problem over a year ago after same intermittent symptoms that finally led into permanent no-start. I have also already reflowed the solder on the PGM-FI relay, as I did find cold solder joints on it. I had my daughter spray freeze spray on the ignition switch and main relay for 3 days in a row this week at 11:00am to no avail. On Friday, I while at work, I was on the phone with her when she was trying it. I also had her spray the distributor and it suddenly started. I was going to re-create that scenario yesterday, (Saturday) and as usual, it fired right up for me. It was sitting in the sun just like always and was just as hot as every other day when it wouldn’t start for her. I’m wondering if the CKP sensor could have an intermittent problem. Also, the plug wires and cap and rotor are only about 1.5 years old and were purchased from Honda. Anybody have experience with these specific intermittent symptoms along with a code 15?