Can you use windshield washer fluid designed for winter during summer

I have a few gallons of washer fluid that are labeled as designed for winter or freezing condition. Some of them are labeled as “de-icer” windshield washer fluid. 1) Is it safe to use these winter formula windshield washer fluid during now in summer or non-winter seasons? 2) During summer, is it to safe to mix just a tad of tap water with these winter forumula windshield washer fluid in case the fluid is too strong for non-winter season? Thank you for your advices.

Sure, I do. The solvents that keep them from freezing help clean the windshield better anyway, in my opinion.


Well, if you leave Canada in January and drive to Florida there would be no reason to drain the winter washer fluid and replace it . Just use it up it will not hurt anything.


It won’t harm your car but it is a source of pollution, you can dilute the winter fluid with water for summer use.

BTW, windshield washer fluid is regulated in the state of California because it is a source of pollution;

“Before it was regulated in 1993, automotive windshield washer fluid (AWWF) was a very large source of pollution in California’s cities. AWWF contained high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are a component of ground-level ozoneformation, and one of the main pollutants that compose smog. VOCs are used in AWWF as an anti-freeze which reduces the temperature the fluid will freeze in cold weather. In most areas of California, milder temperatures do not necessitate the use of VOCs for AWWF to wet and clean vehicle windshields.”

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VOC, is that a fancy way of saying alcohol?

Yes, but it does not work the other way a round. If you are in Florida using summer fluid and want to drive to Canada in the winter, you have to use up the old stuff and fill up with winter (-40) fluid.

This can not be an actual concern. If it is … never mind I won’t go there.

Yes won’t hurt a thing

I use rainX windshield washer fluid all year long in Canada.The additive in this product keeps the ww pump in good working order.

To be fair, according to the state of California, just about anything you can think of will definitely give you cancer and/or will kill the whales.


They even have coffee on that list of things that can give you cancer

Actually, that is no longer true:

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True. We’ve got to put an extra label on all of our dryers that have the CA cancer warning on it.

Its OK to use Winter windshield washer fluid in the Summer, that is fine, as long as you take this opportunity to correct the seasonal air in your tires.

While its OK to mix seasons with window washer, it is not OK to mix up which air you have in the tires. You do not want Winter air in your tires during the Summer. In 2 days Summer air will be available for the swap, so you’re just in time really.


Even in the middle of summer only t he winter blend is available where I shop. So I’ve been using winter blend all year round for decades without an issue.

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Actually a friend of mine who had a full service gas station years ago had someone come in and wanted fresh air in their tires because the air in them was 6 months old.

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I hope that he also changed the blinker fluid!


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