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Can you just rent a scan tool for a day?

Can one just be rented instead of having to buy one for $300.00.

Well you could just go to an auto parts store and get scanned for free, but that’s just me.

no no no not to get my codes read because there are none. I want to see all the perimaters of every sensor,etc…

Well that’s different. In that case I might try to get together with some like-minded folks who could all chip in for it-then perhaps YOU could rent it out. I think you stumbled onto an idea yourself.

One of the local autoparts stores here has an OBD-2 scan tool as a tool available under their rent-a-tool program. Call around and you might get lucky!

Thanks Dave,it seems everybody has some sort of tool rental but not this particular type (OBD 2 scan can tool for live active data sreening) which the DIY’er can get done in a day.

Thanks GreasyJack, it would be great if a company would rent out the scan tool so I can see live active data of every sensor,etc…heck I can even hook it up to my laptop outside,just like the pros do.

The scan tools that tell you the most are the ones that the manufactures provide (at a cost to their dealers) like Tech2 for GM Vagcom for VW etc.The generics are not up to the task.

Advance Auto has a decent loan-a-tool program. I’ve used it a couple of times. You “buy” the tool but when you bring it back the next day you get a full refund. See if they offer a scan tool in the program.

No. I don’t know of any auto store or rental place that rents out a true OBDII scanner.

Most people get confused between a code reader and a scanner. And what you’re asking for is a full-blown scanner. And since you don’t reflect what type of vehicle you wish to scan, I’d like to know where you can purchase a scanner for $300.00 that monitors/records real-time DAQ?


Thanks Tester, I know the top of the line units must be in the thousands,but just looking at EBAY I saw some interesting prices…chevy here.

I have a Diablosport Tuner for my Mustang. It also doubles as an OBDII scanner. They usually go for around $300-$400. I got mine as part of a combo deal (4.10 gears + tuner + bearing/install kit, and gear oil). It’s cool to fool around with the engine parameters, but I don’t think they are worth the cash. You probably will not be able to rent one since each tuner is locked to a single VIN. In other words if you don’t return your vehicle to stock, the tuner will not work for any other car. If you’re just looking to monitor and not change anything, that would not be a problem.

I bought my CAN-OBDII scan tool for 50 bucks from Harbor Freight.

You could probably get a fairly decent one off ebay or otherwise online for approximately $50-$75. I bought a Mac Tools one with some nice features a few years ago for about $120.

FYI, the Mac Tools one I got will capture data (record in real-time)

It may be so but I find it hard to believe that the MAC scanner is comparable with the GM Tech2.I have a large amount of experience with both the GM Tech1 (primative) and the Tech2 (was amazing when it first came out). Have used the Snap-ON Vantage and it doesnt compare to the Tech2.Never used any version of MAC.Now BMW DIS (Diagnostic Information System) was a system to be mastered.Actually had schematics to view,still in use but getting dated.Repair manuals on PC,in 2000 approx.IIRC

I have a Mac Tools code reader. It does give SOME parameters but is very very limited. I use my MODIS for the more detailed stuff. Between the ECM and TCM on some vehicles there is so much information to be read. The issue is not getting the data but knowing WHEN to read the data and knowing what the data means. Then theres Mode $06 data and its codes which is a different ball game all together. I dont know where you can rent a full function scanner to play around with other than buying one.