Can you help? Plastic cup used to funnel in gas melted; Half fell into tank

Do I have to empty tank? Just run it with piston cleaner? Other?



Look at it this way: if gas melted SOME of the plastic, it’ll melt ALL of the plastic. I don’t think you need to do anything. Plastic is a derivative of petroleum, and it’ll burn just fine once it dissolves completely. Just fill up the gas tank now so that the “plastic” on your tank is as diluted as possible with gas.

correction: “the plastic IN your tank…”

Thanks. Good point about it being a petroleum product and therefore likely to burn off. I hope you’re right! :slight_smile:

  • Michael

Let us know if it improves your gas mileage! :wink:

Next time, use an actual plastic funnel, and not a plastic Dixie cup as a funnel.


Okay, truth be told, it wasn’t me. I was just trying to valiantly protect the identity of my girlfriend, who was actually the culprit. But I didn’t want to expose Vanda to the ridicule of others so I thought I would protect her identity. Ooops!