Can you help me identify this Prius brake noise

Hello, maybe 6-7 months ago this noise started. Someone was renting my car for the past 5 months and it seems to still be working fine, but my dad has me concerned about the long term effects. Can anyone identify this issue so I can get it fixed (around 3 - 5 second mark)

Any reply I give about the sound would be a poor guess that would not help you at all. Why?

Because you will take it to a shop for the work. The proper way to approach the shop is to tell them what you are experiencing and let them diagnose and repair the problem not tell them what to fix.


One of those effects – besides the car might not stop quickly enough in an emergency — if a brake pad is worn out and scraping the rotor, possible brake rotor damage. If worn pad is replaced with a new before that happens, pretty good chance you could save some money. Beyond that, Prius braking problems could involve the hybrid drive train as well, could be very expensive to repair.

Do you get this noise when braking gently or heavily? Your Prius has regenerative braking and uses that exclusively unless you brake heavily and the regenerative system can’t handle the load. If your Prius-V has regenerative brake settings, set it to the heaviest regen level and see if the noise occurs when you just take your foot off the gas.

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On another note, you do have the proper insurance in place, right? A normal policy is unlikely to cover renting your car out.


The brake pads are still pretty new, so I don’t believe it’s the them

I believe the noise is usually when the break is pressed around half way down. I haven’t heard of regenerative breaking, I’ll take a look

Lol. The platform has some kind of insurance as well. I’ma have to double check on all that though

I would also be cautious about renting out a vehicle with a known issue that has not been properly repaired and or diagnosed as renting out an unsafe vehicle is a HUGE liability no matter what insurance you have, if someone is hurt they will not only sue the ins company but also sue you, Well in the USA anyway…

Poor lighting in the video, can’t see how fast the car is moving or from what area you are focusing on the noise.

Noise from the wheels? From the brake pedal area? If you can replicate the noise while stopped, the hydraulic brake actuator is noisy.

Yes, you should definitely look at your Owner’s Manual, in particular the part where it descibes the function of Regenerative Braking. In case you weren’t aware of it, most of the braking on a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, and an EV is done by the regenerative braking system, which is why the brake pads tend to last such a long time on this type of vehicle.


There’s no video. I’m holding my phone while in the driver’s seat, holding it under the steering wheel