Can’t find anything about lowering a 2011 GMC Terrain

trying to lower but cant find anything

Lower what? Are you trying to reduce ground clearance? A shop that works on off road vehicles might be able to do something but bear in mind the vehicle was built the way it is for a reason. For example, if you lower the suspension the tires will have less clearance within the wheel wells.

Does’t that in itself tell you everything you need to know? There is no good way to do that without wrecking the front driveline. It is a FWD minivan underneath with AWD as an option.

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I’ve found some examples but without many specifics about what parts they used.

As @Mustangman wisely points out, this is not an ideal vehicle to drop. You could get away with a very minor drop using springs… But these will be higher rate, ride more harshly…and simply waste your suspension feel and travel. Both of which are needed on this vehicle.

The only thing you are going to find, most likely…is that someone used some lowering springs on your vehicle…that were meant for another vehicle in that lines generation at GM. As in another GM model that shares the same platform etc…and inevitably once those are installed, you are going to realize all the little things that tell you why you should not have lowered it to begin with.

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