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Can someone tell me what could be wrong/am I just stupid

Not all Ford transmissions operate that way. Also you shouldn’t operate the vehicle for long periods at highway speeds in 2nd gear, on the other hand operating in drive or overdrive is acceptable at highway speeds.

Ok, that makes some sense. D or O can both be operated full time, and as such require special labeling. . Anything less than D can only be operated for short periods of time.

And on the 66 mustang I use to have, selecting “2” the car would start out in 2nd gear and shift to 3rd, there was no way to force a downshift into 2nd gear. It was so you could start out in 2nd gear in slippery conditions.

Mine is a C4, which I think was introduced in 1964. But maybe your 66 Mustang used a different version of automatic transmission.

As a side note. I was watching the tv show Pawn Stars a few evenings ago and a 1967 Mustang Shelby came to the shop. The owner of the pawn shop – Rick – he says the 1967 is his favorite year for the Mustang. I think the 1964 1/2 and 1965 are the better lookers myself. Anyway the Shelby’s seller wants $125,000 for it. What? I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Guess what? Rick buys it. And for not much discount, $100k. I just can’t imagine it being very easy for Rick to make much of a profit on that deal. Who’s gonna pay more than $100k for a 1967 Mustang? Even if it is a Shelby edition.

Do you believe everything you see on that scripted reality show ?

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Rick Harrison can afford to buy a used car once in a while.

In 67 they changed the porting and the valve body to operate like yours does.
If you really wanted something different, You took a 65/66 C4 transmission and put a 67/68 C4 valve body in it,
1 was first gear only, 2 was second gear only, D was normal operation.

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I’d check for loose wiring from and to the battery, and also alternator wiring, the loose wire is wiggling as you drive on rough surface, as when the mechanic is checking it it is not

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A 65 Galaxie had D and then D2. D2 was for slippery roads so it would launch in 2nd gear then go to 3rd. It did not have an overdrive or 4th gear.

I don’t recall saying it had an overdrive or fourth gear. What I said was, you’re not the only one who has experienced confusion about what position of the gear selector to choose. Sorry for the confusion.