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Battery light flickers on 1996 Taurus

On way home from work last night, I notced a real faint red flicker on instrument panel by my tachometer. Then it came on a littler stronger to where i recognized it to be battery light. But it was flickering, which I’ve never seen a vehicle do, only on my '65 Chevelle right before it would stall, “gen” light would flicker. Anyway. When I rev engine, the light goes away. On highway, it’ll come and go with a strong lumination and off.

Am i safe to assume alternator since battery is less than a year old? I’ve never changed alternator and wouldn’t be surprised if it was original. Purchased car with 75,000 miles and it now has 176,000 miles and everything under hood still said “FoMoCo”. I change things as it goes bad or as preventive.

Do I understand correctly that some parts stores can “test” alternator while on vehicle? If you have any other questions to better help me, let me know. Thank you all kindly.


I was just on and was looking up prices and happen to look at a “Voltage Regulator”. Could that be a culprit or a good place to start? (Was 47.99 and Alt. approx. 130+/-) I’m not too sure I understand what’s wrong but i saw that part and wondered if i should start there. thank you. :slight_smile:

While you were at the auto parts store you likely could have had them test your battery and charging system for free. Stop back at the parts store and get it tested.

I’m sorry, I was online @ Yes, that sounds like a good start. Here’s what I’ve noticed about getting parts for my car and a car that everyone and their brother has, by that i mean, these Taurus’ are EVERYWHERE. The last three parts I’ve had to get, had to be special ordered. Lower radiator hose: $57. Heater core: $55. Heater hose Assembly:$56. Wow! I couldn’t believe how much all these parts cost! I grew up with OLD cars and we’ve had newer cars for a while and now my Taurus is showing its age. But, with a car SO common, why are parts so special? Maybe it’s just those specific parts that i got “lucky” on all three having to be ordered. Just an observation, an disgruntled observation. Thanks. almost always has best auto parts prices. but get the testing for free at the local parts store

The trouble is most likely due to the alternator, possibly bad brushes. It can be tested either while in the car or out of it.