Can rotrs on 1999 Volvo V70 be turned?

One mechanic told me my rotors would have to be replaced rather than turned. Another went ahead and turned them. Are they safe?

Yes thay are safe. If they are too thin, they will warp prematurely, but if that happens you will notice and can replace them at that time. The first mechanic just wanted to sell you rotors.

I don’t know the specs for your car, but you should verify that they are not below the minimum allowable thickness. Some manufacturers recommend replacing the rotors with each set of pads, not turning them. You could check with a volvo dealer service department. Also, it often cost as much to turn them as replace them, so there’s no point.

although new rotors usually cost about double the cost of turning; i just put new pads on, as long as i havent gone to the steel plates and hear them grinding (in which case i buy new anyway) i always replace my rotors every other brake job, and i dont turn them ever.

the brake fade, pulsating, (and other problems which most people complain about) are almost ALWAYS the cause of (if not cheap pads) a turned rotor which is too thin.

“although rotors usually cost about double the cost of turning”

Possible, depending on the cost of the rotors. Mine are only about $40 each, so I’ve never even considered having them turned. I’m not even sure who would turn rotors anymore.

The other risk of letting them get to thin is overextending the calipers as the pads get worn.

You need four facts.

  • The cost of the rotors

  • The minimum thickness as established by the car manufacturer

  • The thickness of the current rotors.

  • The cost of turning the existing rotors.

    Keep in mind that even if the existing rotors would allow turning and still be in spec, they would likely be marginal and more likely to warp, which could be next week and then you would end up buying new rotors.

    The decision is yours and you can’t make an intelligent decision with out the facts.

Good Luck.

BTW if it was close, I would replace them.

Rotors can be turned, the questionis how many times. They will reach a certain thickness beyond which they should not be turned for safety reasons. Each manufacturer would have his own spec, I imagine. I turned rotors 3 times on my Caprice, but at 200,000 miles had to install new ones. A reliable mechanic will be able to tell you whether it is safe to turn them.

Some manufacurers (i.e., benz) do not recommend turning them at all, just replacing them with every set of pads. I would not be surprised if volvo was the same.

Thanks for your help. The independent Volvo mechanic wanted $450.00 to replace the pads and rotors. My mechanic here in town replaced that pads and turned the rotors himself for $150.00. Big difference.
But I do need to check the specs. I’m sure my mechanice can tell me.
If the rotors warp will it causeme to have a wreck?

Which should tell you that having dealers do repairs and maintenance will almost always cost you more, often much more.  Note: it is not necessary to have maintenance done by a dealer, even when the car is under warranty as long as you keep proper records of the maintenance.  The only thing the dealer needs to do is warrant work.

The $450 price sounds about right (maybe a tad high) if they are going to replace the rotors. I’m not a big fan of turning and reusing old rotors, but it should not be a catastrophic problem is the rotors do warp. I would call the dealer service dept or the indy volvo guy and ask about the advisability of turning rotors and what the minimum acceptable thickness should be. I would not assume that the local mechanic would know.