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To turn or not to turn, that is the question

My mechanic says he wants to put new front brake pade on my 2003 F-150. he wants to turn the rotors at the same time. Is it necessary?

If you want smooth braking action, it is recommended. Of course, some rotors cannot be turned more than once, and some simply don’t have the hardened thickness to be turned at all. And, turning does thin the rotors, and increases the chances of warping.

Assuming he really means you need new brakes on the front and not that he has a boat payment due, then normally with modern cars (and light trucks) the rotors are either replaced or turned. With many newer cars it is just as cheap to replace them than to have them turned. The OEMs are more lighter, less expensive and shorter life so replacing them is becoming the norm.

Some Places Charge A Lot For Machining Rotors. There Could Be More Profit Than Selling New Rotors.

However, some places charge a fortune for new (should be inexpensive) rotors. I always do my own brakes and I have a guy who turns rotors for $10 and does a nice job.

Get two estimates. One for new rotors and one with turned rotors. See if the new rotors price is reasonable.

I agree that they probably should be turned or rplaced. It’s risky for a shop not to. Just replacing pads alone sometimes gives you “funny” brakes until they settle in a little. I have done this to myself, but know what I’m dealing with and have only myself to come back on.

If your steering wheel doesn’t shake when you hit the brakes (usually worse going faster)then you probably don’t need to have your rotors turned. You can change the brakes your self with simple tools if your are mechanicaly inclined, and you’ll save a lot of $$. If you’d rather not attempt it, don’t pay for rotors you don’t need.