Can quits running

I have a 2010 Chrysler Sebring that in the past month will all of a sudden quit running. Had to the dealership twice in past month. New plugs, injectors cleaned. Got car out of shop yesterday and drove 6 miles and it quit twice again. Too late to take back to dealer. They have checked it out twice on monitor and all they said was what they did to repair. It seems to me that it is a fuel problem. Maybe a fuel pump, fuel filter, or dirt in the fuel itself. Will have to take back to dealer Monday. What do you think is the problem. Not missing or ideling rough. Runs good, but will all of a sudden quit. Open to suggestions…

The problem might be with a crankshaft position sensor failing.

If the computer loses the signal from this sensor, the computer see’s no reason to operate the ignition and fuel systems so the engine shuts off.


I agree with @Tester‌

I might add that a failing crank sensor quite often does not generate a fault code

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Thanks for the info. Could there be other causes other than crankshaft sensor failure?

Of course there could be. We’re making educated guesses over the internet. Cars can only truly be diagnosed hands-on.
Has anyone read the fault codes? Were there any? Do you know what they were?
What has the dealership done “to repair” so far?

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