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Can push-button ignitions do the "key dance"?

With traditional keyed ignition switches, it’s possible to cycle the fuel pump several times by turning the key from Off to On several times before turning it to Start to run the starter motor. This “key dance” brings fuel and fuel pressure up to the engine. It’s a useful workaround or diagnostic procedure when there is insufficient fuel or fuel pressure at the engine to start the car.

Now many (most? all?) new cars have a push button to start the car if the key is nearby. Do these systems still allow some version of the key dance to be performed?

If you push the start button without stepping the brake pedal, the fuel pump will run for a second or two and then shut off.

The brake pedal must depressed in order for the engine to start with a push button ignition.


That’s a relief. I’ve been a fan of the key dance since I found it works on my 1999 Honda. One less compromise I’ll have to make when I have to replace the car with something newer.